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2021 Food Trend Forecasting

As we near the end of the year, the upcoming food trends begin to roll out and we love to geek out on them. As food publicists, it’s so interesting to see what has resonated with consumers and vital for us to keep a pulse on trends in the industry to best advise our clients on how to reach their target audiences in a meaningful way.

Keep reading for the SPPR break down on our favorite food trend themes from a few different 2021 forecasts including Whole Foods, New Hope Network, and Spoonshot.

image via @themodernsavor

Focus on Wellness While stay-at-home orders may have initially turned the “freshman 15” into the “COVID 15,” consumers have increasingly directed their focus on wellness, especially when it comes to food. They’re looking for nutrient-dense foods that kick sugar and provide the benefits of supplements. This includes products that incorporate superfoods, probiotics, broths, sauerkrauts, Vitamin C, mushrooms, and adaptogens to help reduce stress and boost immunity.

Brands to Try

  • Madhava: clean, simple, Allulose sweetener, because it’s about to be all about that Allulose and other natural non-sugar sweeteners

  • Simple Mills: crackers, cookies, baking mixes, bars and more made from whole foods with no artificial ingredients

  • Sweet Crude: CBD-infused, non-alcoholic canned cocktail for those that don’t drink or are sober curious

image via @spicewalla

Making Home Meals More Epic Being at home gave rise to more cooking and baking this year. Going into to next year, home cooks are looking to make their meals even more epic. This includes going big on weekday breakfasts (some of us at SPPR have been treating ourselves to pancake breakfasts on Fridays) and elevating classic dishes with a spin on pantry basics like flavored salts and seasonings, infused honey, etc.

Brands to Try

  • Kelly’s Jelly: pepper jellies and preserves made in Oregon to complement any dish – sweet or savory

  • Spicewalla: a high-quality spice brand that offers a wide variety of spices, herbs, seasonings, salts and rubs to add big flavor to home cooked meals

  • Cucina & Amore: sauces, canned artichokes and organic pasta to take your next Italian night to the next level

The Snack Revolution Move over celery & peanut butter, mixed nuts, and cheese & crackers (you’re still good, but), more interesting snacks have arrived and they’re here to stay. There is going to be a continued spike in snack innovation including all kinds of chickpeas, goodies made with up-cycled ingredients, fruit and veggie jerkies, and snacks that are healthy & shareable.

Brands to Try

  • Epic Provisions: great-tasting, high-protein meat snacks made with 100% grass-fed meat that satisfies hunger

  • Cocomels: coconut milk caramels to curb the 3pm sweet tooth and share with a friend

  • Pan’s Mushroom Jerky: a delicious umami treat for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike

Want to dig into these food trends more? Feel free to send us an email: or connect with us on Instagram: @sodapoppr.

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