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3 Approaches to Help Break Your Pitching Writer's Block

As publicists, we write a ton, which also means writer's block is a big part of the process. It's easy to get in a rut with the pressures of getting pitches out in a pinch and making sure the message is strong.

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Oftentimes, we feel stuck because the angle just isn't doing something for us - that means it's time to pivot and take a different approach! Media loves an angle that can really connect consumers with their stories. Try breaking it down into three different approaches to help you restrategize those angles:

Get Personal

Like we mentioned above, human interest angles are a great way to connect publications with audiences. Have your or the founder of your business been through a unique journey to get where you/they are? What is the motivation behind the business and why is it different? Use these prompts to help think of some new angles.

⁠Think Professional

Credited spokespeople and science-backed data are also great approaches to think about if it makes sense for your brand. What advice or top tips can you offer that others can't? What issues are your customers having that you can help solve? The data that helps drive your brand story could also drive a media-worthy story.

Topical Interest

Topical refers to events in the world that are of immediate relevance, interest, or importance - think of what's trending of the moment or happening in the news. What is happening in pop culture related to your industry that you can comment on or contribute to? What common misconceptions around your industry can you correct? ⁠Leaning into what is of current interest is going to help make the media's job easier, too!

Do you have other ways that you get past your pitching writer's block? Let us know in the comments below!

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