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3 Brands to Know in Nashville

Our team is always on the hunt for cool people doing cool things, particularly when it comes to emerging brands. We took a trip to Nashville last month and uncovered some noteworthy brands to have on your radar. Read on for the list and make sure to give them a follow!

Walker Brothers Kombucha. Founded by brothers, Sam and Luke Walker, they both loved craft beer, but didn’t love the way it made them feel, so they endeavored to create a beverage that would taste just as nuanced and flavorful as the best craft beer but would be easier on the digestive system. We tried the Blueberry Jasmine flavor and it was delicious! Their motto of family culture is one SPPR can get behind, as well as their commitment to treating their customers, employees, partners and the planet with care and respect. IG: @drinkwalkerbrothers

Christie Cookie Co. A long-time staple for national holiday gifting, Christie Cookie Company is uniquely Nashville, with each batch handcrafted by cookie makers who understand the importance of originality and quality ingredients. Our favorite was the chocolate chip, a classic. IG: @christiecookieco

Bongo Roasting Co. Bongo began with a single cafe in Nashville in 1993 and has now expanded to multiple locations throughout the city and sells online nationwide. They deeply care about how their coffee is produced, purchased and promoted so they only buy organic coffee from small-scale farmers at above fair trade prices. Thus, their coffee tastes great and supports people and the environment. We picked up a bag of their Bourbon Barrel Aged whole beans in collaboration with Leirper’s Fork Whiskey Distillery. IG: @bongoroastingco

If there are other Nashville brands we should know about or emerging brands in general across the US that should be on our list, feel free to send us an email: or connect with us on Instagram: @sodapoppr

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