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3 Things You Can Do to Create Local Awareness For Your Brand

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Tapping into your local market is a huge opportunity to build your community, encourage trial and drum up brand awareness – and there is no better time than the holidays to get your name out there! If you’re a small brand looking to stand apart from the rest, we’ve put together a few tips to help you shine bright now and well into the rest of the year!

image via @mediterracafe

  • Connect with Local TV on Social: Do some social media digging and find your local TV anchors and/or producers on Twitter or Instagram. They are always looking for compelling local stories and businesses to feature! You can stay top of mind by using their hashtags in your social posts, DMing them or even posting on the station’s Facebook if you have news to share. If you have assets available like video, images, or a spokesperson with on camera experience, make sure to let them know as it could help you secure coverage.

  • Foster Relationships with Local Influencers on Instagram: Reach out via social media or email to offer product samples and share any sales, discount codes or giveaway opportunities with local influencers who you admire. Make sure to engage on their content and start conversations online. While you won’t be guaranteed content for non-sponsored posts, it’s a great way to build relationships and your social network locally, as well as discover brand advocates.

  • Partner with Other Local Brands: Social media can also be a great way to get to know and collaborate with other like-minded, local brands. Partnerships on giveaways in particular are a great way to tap into each other’s audience, expand reach, and facilitate product trial. We also recommend setting up a virtual coffee connect with potential partners to hear about plans and opportunities for even more cross-promotion.

If you’re a small business, we’d love to learn more about you, where you are based and how your hometown influences your brand! Say hi in the comments below or join the conversation on our Instagram.


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