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3 Tips for Managing Your Email Anxiety

If glancing at your mailbox icon is giving you anxiety, trust us - you're not alone. Email anxiety is real, whether it's the need to get your inbox to zero or needing to reply ASAP, and the stress of keeping up can catch up in a negative way. Time to combat that anxiety with these three tips!

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1. Set Email Boundaries

Let's set things straight: Email is not a chatroom, so don't treat it like one. Oftentimes we get so anxious over managing emails because we feel the need to respond to everything as soon as possible. Challenge instant-response expectations and your instincts by only responding to emails once you’re ready and if they aren't extremely urgent. There's no need to apologize for the delay and instead try using, "Thank you for your patience."

2. Utilize Task Management Methods

Instead of using your inbox as your to-do list, try taking your task management elsewhere so you can close that e-mail tab while working. Try using the notes app, sticky notes, planners, notebooks or even get digital with systems like Asana. We know this might be a simple tip, but it will work wonders in helping with your anxiety so that you aren't overwhelmed every time a new email lands in your inbox.

3. Delete, unsubscribe, file and repeat.

Start taking control of your inbox by unsubscribing to those emails that plague any of your inboxes. If this seems daunting, try using to help! It collects all of your marketing emails and delivered them to your inbox in one email 1x per day. A game-changer for sure. If you know you aren't going to read it, delete it. Lastly, take some time to file away important emails that you do want to keep. This will help keep your fear of "zero inbox" in check and also keep you organized. Do you have any email anxiety tips you want to share? Drop them below!

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