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3 Ways Brands Can Amplify Their PR Efforts in 2022

Ashley from Team SPPR here! If you are a brand that is still in the midst of planning for 2022 and stuck creatively or looking to make a big splash in Q2/Q3 of next year, we’ve rounded up a few ways you can consider amplifying your efforts next year.

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Connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Brands can build deeper brand loyalty when their consumers feel like they have buy-in and are an extension of the brand. Consider partnering with consumers on a limited release product or creating a digital community for your most loyal consumers featuring access to exclusive brand content and rewards.

Tell more real stories.

Consumers connect with brands that share real stories from real people. Consider digging deeper into your customer base and listening more closely on social media to how consumers are using your product. Was your product able to bring joy in a tough time? Did your brand facilitate connection or make someone’s life easier? Bringing these stories to the forefront help build community and communicate the value you provide as a brand.

Act as a resource.

Audiences connect with brands that help make life easier, teach them something new or create meaningful experiences. Consider looking closely at trends and consumer behavior to see how your brand can act as a resource. For example, food brand audiences are continuing to up their game in the kitchen, taking more risks and being more adventurous than ever before.

Consider finding ways to meet them where your brand is giving them tips and tricks using your product. Examples include hosting a fun giveaway for something like access to a private chef to come to their home, hosting a virtual cooking class, or creating a free recipe e-book with easy but elevated recipes for the home cook.

If you’re curious about additional ways to mix things up in your PR plan next year, drop us a line. We offer full service consulting or are happy to quickly connect. You can reach us via email at: or connect with us on Instagram: @sodapoppr - we’d love to hear from you!

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