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5 Data-Driven Reasons to Invest in Influencer Marketing

Marketing plans for 2020 were turned upside down, and as brands look ahead to make plans for 2021 there are still a lot of questions. Trade shows, festivals, events and even grocery shopping will never look the same, and brands and marketers are tasked with finding effective ways to reach their consumers. Now more than ever, the world is shopping online and looking to influencers – and brands will be smart to do the same.

image via: @camillestyles

1. Life, as it relates to gatherings and special events, is on hold right now, but research says people are daydreaming in planning for them anyways as a way to escape. Recent Pinterest search trends reveal that consumers are restless and looking ahead, seeking optimism to avoid boredom and loneliness during lock down. Searches for recipes, tutorials, future apartments, and weddings are up, indicating people want to feel in control.

2. Screen time, social media activity, and internet surfing are at an all-time high, and consumers are looking to influencers for inspiration and guidance. Consumers look to influencers for many things, and one is to find new brands. “#AD” is not a total turn off if the brand fit and content is authentic to the influencer’s brand and resonates with their audience.

3. Consumers are dodging paid advertisements. Consumers are savvy to influencer marketing and don’t mind being advertised to as long as they’ve opted into it, like following a specific influencer for specific content or tips.

4. No one knows consumers better than a consumer. Influencers are consumers who have cultivated a following of like-minded consumers that appreciate their perspective and taste. One in four millennials seek stories of products & services they are considering buying because they trust the influencers they follow. Influencers are most successful when they have a strong understanding of their audience and they know what their audience will like or dislike about a product. This is evident in the strength of influencer content performance, 57% of marketers report influencer content outperformed brand-created content.

5. Social media is the most effective and scalable way to engage and connect. Online marketplace IZEA conducted a study on how COVID-19 will change users’ social media habits, and founder and CEO Ted Murphy explains, “The surge in social media usage combined with uncertainty in the global markets will have impacts on the influencer marketing ecosystem. We see significant opportunity for brands to connect with an audience that is hungry for content, education, and online experiences.”

SPPR has always believed in the effectiveness of influencer marketing (when done correctly!), and we executed a campaign during COVID-19 lock down with results to prove it.

If your company is considering investing in influencer marketing or if you have questions about it, please reach out to us as we would be happy to help you navigate these unprecedented times

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