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5 Easy Steps to Upgrade Your Instagram Presence

Want to upgrade your Instagram game but aren’t sure where to start? In the digital age, your Instagram is essentially your shop window – the first thing a potential customer will look at – so ensuring a cohesive brand presence here is key!

We get it, managing your Instagram can be A LOT. Try starting with these five steps for a quick IG audit to give your page a boost.

1. Use a clear brand photo – Before you roll your eyes at us – YES, this is something you need to do! You always want to be sure your logo is up to date and properly sized. Sometimes social platforms change image sizing and you don’t want to end up with a pixelated profile image. You also want to ensure your logo on IG is consistent with your other social profiles!

2. Refresh your Instagram bio – Ask yourself this: does my bio reflect my brand today? If you haven’t updated your bio since you’ve created your account, it’s time for a refresh. When customers are coming to your IG for the first time, they are looking to quickly understand what you do or offer, so your bio should help convey that message. Don’t forget to have fun with it – emojis are always welcome

3. Rethink that link in your bio – If you don’t have over 10k followers, the link on your Instagram page is a major tool for executing your CTAs! Let’s check: where does that link lead to? Most of the time many of us are posting to our feed and directing to the “link in our bio” to take them somewhere specific.

Lucky for us, there are tools out there like Linktree, Link in Bio by Later, and Campsite that allow us to showcase several links under one master link. Utilizing one of these link tools will give an enjoyable customer experience when navigating content.

4. Update your highlights – This is another major visual representation of your brand and should definitely be treated as a branded asset to take your presence up a notch. While custom social icons are cool, they may cost money if you don’t have an in-house designer. Try using snapshots of your brand’s color palette instead – we do this! – it helps elevate your look without having to spend a penny.

5. Analyze Those Hashtags – Don’t forget that hashtags are used to help people discover your content, which is why they’re a great tool. For each post, make sure you’re using a variety of hashtags that directly relate to the photo.

You also want to use a range of hashtags based on their use in images. For example, you want a few hashtags that have wide use in the millions (#womeninbiz, 2.6 million posts), and some in the thousands (#pantrystaples, 23k posts) so that you are getting a range of potential reach! Keep track of your most engaged hashtags and your hashtag groups in a word doc or note apps, then use them on photos where they are a fit!

Have any others we may have missed? Drop yours below!

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