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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PR Agency

Are you PR ready but not sure how to find the right agency partner? It's so important to find the right PR partner to serve as an extension of your brand! To lend a helping hand, we’ve put together the top 5 questions below to help you narrow in on the best match while interviewing agencies.

If you're not sure if your brand is ready for PR, check out recent checklist on our past blog post. This will serve as a great guide to help you prepare your brand to make the most out of your PR partnership before starting your agency search.

  1. What is your niche within the PR industry? It’s important to understand the verticals a PR company specializes in since that is where their relationships with media, influencers, and strategy will be strongest. E.g. If you’re a food brand, it isn’t ideal to work with a specialized fashion or tech PR company. This goes for their service offerings as well – if you want to focus on influencer marketing, ensure that is one of their strengths.

  2. Who and how many people will be working on our account and who are they? It's important to get to know the actual team working on your account since they will be the acting extension of your brand. Developing a strong working relationship with these team members will increase strong communication and make your PR investment work harder for you.

  3. Can you share case studies of other work you’ve executed that’s relevant to my brand’s size, vertical, and growth goals? While it’s impressive to see an agency’s top showcased work, it’s important to align on expectations for your specific brand in their stage of growth. If you’re an emerging brand, it’s more telling to see how a PR company grew an account with similar goals rather than a challenger brand’s work.

  4. What will you need from me in order to make this the most effective PR program & partnership? This includes but is not limited to resources, time, meetings, video & image assets, etc.

  5. What is your financial model? Each PR company is set up differently and thus may have different financial or billing models. This can range from monthly retainers to project fees with different payment terms.

Any questions? Leave us a comment below or shoot us a DM on Instagram at @sodapoppr!

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