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Case Study: Making an Influencer Campaign Relevant During COVID-19

The Campaign and COVID-19: To build buzz and celebrate the launch of Alden’s Organic Dairy Free Frozen Desserts, we partnered with a diverse mix of influencers to create Instagram and Facebook content showcasing how Alden’s Organic Dairy Free fit seamlessly into their lives, providing a dairy-free option everyone could love.

Bringing loved ones together is at the core of Alden’s brand values and the campaign creative was built around our influencers doing life with their “fam” including group celebrations and images of everyone together enjoying the product.

By mid to late March, campaign content production was underway, and then entered COVID-19. The pandemic continued to progress, and the originally scheduled content was now going to go live at the height of consumers sheltering-in-place and no longer able to meet with groups of loved ones. Come April, audiences were looking for brands to provide them with content that was relevant and empathetic to their evolving new normal.

image via: @thekitchenista

How We Pivoted: We understood that our influencers and their audiences were in a different state of mind than at the beginning of the campaign and it was most important to stay attune to the current conversation, meet our influencers & consumers where they were and provide the most value through our content.

We aimed to lean on moments of meaning and provide joy through the campaign, bringing a semblance of normalcy to an otherwise tumultuous time. To do so we:

  • Swiftly audited the existing creative, removing any potentially problematic imagery or messages and straying away from large group gatherings

  • Split the campaign into two waves to avoid reshoots of content already created

    • Wave One (content live on Friday, April 10): we worked closely with the influencers that had not yet created their content to create new concepts relevant to enjoying Alden’s at home including fun activities with the kids, birthday celebrations at home, digital ice cream socials with friends, living room forts and more.

    • Wave Two: rescheduled influencers who had already created content to go live in July during our upcoming summer campaign while modifying messaging to make sure it’s appropriate for the current state of the pandemic.

  • Integrated a giveaway for each influencer to spread joy to their audience, sending a shipment of Alden’s Organic Dairy Free.

image via: @joshuasnyder

Impactful Results: In Wave One, seven influencers went live on Friday, April 10 during peak social media engagement times, achieving the following results:

The first wave of this campaign reached a wide audience of consumers actively looking for aspirational content during the pandemic, increased Alden’s social following by 14%, and garnered an engagement rate 1.3% above average. Influencers received numerous direct messages from their followers expressing gratitude and appreciation for the feel-good content and understanding of what they were collectively going through.

image via

Our Wave One Influencer Partners:

Such a fun campaign! How have you had to make huge pivots in your Influencer Marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments below.


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