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Chatting Social Media Trends in Honor of National #SocialMediaDay!

Ah - social media - one of the coolest marketing tools around today and arguably also the most frustrating thanks to the endless algorithm changes, updates and exciting new innovations. Whether you love it or you hate it, it's such an integral partner to PR + influencer marketing that definitely needs to be utilized!

In honor of #SocialMediaDay, we're sharing some of the newest social trends we're seeing pop up and some of our favorite social experts to follow below:

Currently Trending

Augmented Reality Will Become More Mainstream

Social media will see a rise in the adoption of technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). As these platforms grow, users will demand better and more engaging experiences, and these technologies can make that happen. While VR is still in early stages, AR is currently being used on major platforms like Snpachat and Instagram.

Brands can now leverage augmented reality to provide better shopping experiences to their customers and it's becoming more common. According to The Drum, AR can boost click-through rates by as much as 33%. Augmented reality can have a lot of potential social media applications for brands and this trend will be further driven by how platforms add more AR functionalities. This technology is definitely only set to grow in the next few years!

Inclusivity Will Be Key

In the past two years, corporate social responsibility rose to the top and in 2022, brands will need to continue emphasizing their commitment to inclusivity.

Brands will need to know which social issues mean the most to their target audience and take action. Consumers have set high standards for brands when it comes to social responsibility and one-off gestures will no longer be enough, affecting retaining of customers.

Specific Platforms Will Become Popular for Ads

TikTok isn’t the only platform that’s catching the attention of consumers and brands. Pinterest and Snapchat are also gaining in popularity.

According to data shared by Pinterest Business, ads on their platform can generate twice the return on ad spend for retail brands, compared to other social media channels. While Snapchat isn’t as popular for marketing as Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat advertising statistics show that the potential advertising audience on Snapchat has increased notably.

Considering Apple’s announcement earlier in 2022 that it will block the ability of Facebook to target a significant segment of its users, it’s key that brands start to look at other platforms.

Local Targeting Will Become More Prevalent

Just like local SEO is for local brands who want to get more organic traffic, local targeting is the counterpart for social media. Many brands use location-based targeting to reach out to and attract people from a specific geographic location - one common way to do this is by geo-tagging their posts + stories.

Social platforms like Instagram provide the option to search for posts from nearby places or specific locations. If you add locations to your content, it will show up in these search results, helping local people find your brand and content. Geo-targeting works especially well for promoted posts or tweets as these platforms help you target the right audiences.

User-generated Content Will Continue to Be Popular

Brands leveraging UCG isn't new, but now resurfacing and starting to trend once again.o. The only thing that has changed is the rate of adoption, with more and more marketers utilizing UGC.

Some brands, like Daniel Wellington, motivate their customers to create content and tag the brand for a chance to get featured on their page. Some, like Olay or Dove, run relevant marketing campaigns that encourage people to submit their entries to be a part of the campaign. Other brands, like Airbnb, completely rely on user-generated content for their social media content.

No matter how you want to leverage UGC, you should have a place for it in your content mix. User-generated content is free and is considered much more authentic than branded content. It can help your brand seem more trustworthy and boost your image.

A Few Favorite Social Friends

We love staying up to date on trends, updates and learning from other social media agencies and experts. If you're like us, then you'll want to hit the follow button for the individuals below!

  • @latermedia - The social scheduling platform that is always sharing new trends and how to utilize the newest functions

  • @planoly - Another amazing scheduling platform with some of the best blogs featuring tips, newest features and even free webinars

  • - They share a ton of great small business resources and tips!

  • @homemadesocial - A fun + cool social agency with tons of resources, inspiration and cute merch

  • @myanichol - An IG expert + coach who is dishing out all the details on reels

  • @thesocialista - Another IG + Reels expert! She offers some amazing tips + tricks

  • @pinksparrowsocial - If you need help on editing your reels, coming up with content ideas and some creative spark, Anneke's profile is perfect for you.

  • @hartandhighland - We love our friends at H&H! Their an amazing agency that also shares fun tips, marketing ideas and just plain fun content.

How are you slaying your social media today? Let us know in the comments below!

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