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SPPR's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Is it just us or are there so many good gifts out there this year that it's hard to even choose?!

We had too much fun putting our annual gift guide together with all the goodies below. Psssst - don't forget to stuff your own stocking. 🙃 Someone's gotta do it, right?! Happy holiday shopping!

  1. Candier Candle - We love how sassy these candles are! With great branding and scents like You Go Glen Coco, we're adding to our carts ASAP.

  2. Any Seek & Swoon Throw - The coziest, most giftable blanket there is.

  3. The Caker Matcha Cake Kit - We love this unique flavor combo and how modern this baking kit is. Perfect for foodies with any baking skill level.

  4. Outside Table Discovery Set - All the essentials for an amazing meal! The men in your life will literally eat this one up.

  5. The Qi Sweet Blooms Tea Set - Give the gift of a new tea ritual. Perfect for moms, sites and colleagues.

  6. Emily Jeffords Affirmation Cards - These cards are a lovely holiday + new year gift for that daily dose of inspiration and encouraging reminders.

  7. Rodelle Baking Essentials: Vanilla + Baking Cocoa - Can you tell we love gifting anything food-related? We can't help it, food makes everyone happy. If you have a baker on your list or someone who just loves high-quality ingredients, anything from Rodelle will make them smile.

  8. The Rainbow Atlas - We love a stunning coffee table book and The Rainbow Atlas doesn't disappoint. This will cure all wanderlust woes and inspire new adventures for the travel enthusiasts in your life.

  9. Para Mi Casita Shot Flight Tablet - For your shot flights or your votive candles! We love this piece made from scraps of solid countertops. So cool and one of a kind.

  10. Crisp & Crude Variety Pack - For the cool individual in your life who is always on a new level of chill.

  11. Appointed Monogrammed Task Planner - We are suckers for stationery and love the modern, high-quality goods at Appointed. A monogrammed task planner makes for a thoughtful gift for colleagues and friends! Add a fun set of pens or stickers to round it out the gift as a set.

  12. Wthn Ear Seed Kit - Ear seeds are fun + functional! They're tiny adhesive beads that you secure on acupressure points that stimulate your brain and help to reduce stress, relieve pain, and restore hormonal balance.

Any gifts ideas that we left out below? Let us know in the comments below!

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