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Tips to Use Your Brand’s Social Media Platforms to Build Community

Today is National Social Media Day and to celebrate, we’re outlining three tips to better connect with your audience and build community through your brand’s owned social channels:

  1. Deliver value. You know your audience, so make sure the content you are delivering is less about selling your products or services, and more about how you can thoughtfully meet your audience where they are in their daily lives. Your content should be timely and relevant and aim to provide a solution that makes their lives easier or aligns with your company’s values.

  2. Love on your fans. Identify who your authentic fans are, find those who advocate for your brand on your behalf, and give them some love on social media. Whether it’s resharing their content, engaging directly with their posts, or sending them surprise and delight shipments, nurturing your fan base through social media is key to maintaining a lasting meaningful relationship with members of your audience who support you most.

  3. Share your story. Let your audience get to know the personal side of your brand. Create content that tells your origin story, reinforces your brand values, showcases why your brand is unique, and make sure to keep your audience up-to-date with internal stories that help build rapport.

Weaving these strategies into your social media content will help transform your customers into members of your brand’s community ultimately resulting in lasting brand loyalty, increased web traffic, and meaningful sales. If you’re curious about other ways to build community through social, feel free to send us an email: or connect with us on Instagram: @sodapoppr

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