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Top 5 Myths About Public Relations

In our ever-changing industry, it seems like everyone understands marketing, but is unsure about what PR is. PR stands for public relations, which can include everything from publicity, brand building, reputation management, and more. It's how a brand or organization communicates and releases new information to the public and builds a relationship with consumers.

Need a better grasp on PR? Let's chat about what PR is NOT by breaking down these 5 myths about public relations. 1. You don't need PR. Many shy away from PR because they don't think they need it. PR not only serves as a way to built brand affinity and drive sales & CTAs, but it also builds your reputation. What your audience knows about your brand affects their perception and purchase power.

2. PR is a quick fix. Some brands think that PR is a quick fix to help them reach a short-term KPI, but an effective campaign requires research, planning, relationship building, strategic execution and more. Earning trust and the ear of media to generate earned media placements can take months to generate.

3. Earned media is all that you need. In the digital space today, earned media can do amazing things for your brand, but the PR space is filled with different tactics like influencer marketing, brand partnerships, sampling experiences, events and more that create an integrated PR effort and work even harder for you than earned media alone.

4. PR is not worth the investment. Hiring the right agency partner can be a great investment for your brand and often costs less than hiring on a full-time employee. By hiring a trusted PR partner, you'll be investing in a dedicated extension of your brand who already has the skills and tools to help you identify your audience, strategy, and messaging.

5. PR is professional BS. It seems like everyone thinks public relations today is about telling "fake" news and putting a negative spin on stories. While we know that there are some individuals who treat PR that way, the truth is that PR is about storytelling in an authentic way - no lies or covering things up. While there is strategy in crafting these stories - similar to how a sales team creates a strategy - PR pros are working to help brands have honest conversations and connection with their audiences.

Still not sure how PR can help your brand? Shoot us an email at or DM us on Instagram @sodapoppr.

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