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Hi, We're SPPR.
PR + Influencer Marketing for Food + Beverage Brands.


Our mission is to help inspire brands to rethink how to create awareness and credibility through a fresh mix of media relations, influencer marketing and partnerships.

Born in Los Angeles in 2011, our sweet spot is launching emerging brands and helping challenger brands grow.


Our expertise is within the food and beverage space, serving as strategic advisors, storytellers and creative solution finders for our clients.

Ice Cream Party

Take their word for it.

"As we brought products to market, it quickly became clear to me (a first time beverage entrepreneur) that DIY media relations was not going to be good enough. The SPPR team developed a stealth plan to leverage Dry January to spread our brand story.


They became experts in our product and my biggest cheerleaders, encouraging me as I grew comfortable sharing my personal founder story.  The strategy paid off, not only with national recognition, but also an authentic social campaign that directly increased brand awareness across Austin, and in turn higher sales velocities for our local retailers.”

— Talia Bennick, Founder, Crisp & Crude

The brands  we've helped launch + grow.

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