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10 Recipes For Your Friendsgiving Gatherings

That time of year is here: say hello to the holidays! With November officially here, we wanted to share a round-up of recipes from our influencer friends that we know would be the shining stars at any friendsgiving celebrations. From apps to desserts, we've got you covered. Do you have a go-to recipe for your holiday gatherings? We'd love to know what your signature is in the comments below!

These dinner rolls look downright delicious - look at them shine! Even better: they're pumpkin shaped.

Every gathering needs a good salad. With roasted sweet potatoes, crunchy apples and creamy goat cheese - this is one salad we'd be excited to dive into.

We love a solid vegetable side and this cauliflower dish with crispy panko looks like it won't disappoint a single soul.

We love a carrot side and these sriracha roasted carrots are something we would happily dig into at the dinner table.

Tired of bringing mashed potatoes? Try these deliciously crunchy smash potatoes with a scallion ginger oil

If you're rolling up to a celebration where you need some options without meat, this risotto is perfect! We love a creamy, cheesy risotto and this recipe does not disappoint.

Love a turkey but don't have time for the entire bird? This spiced turkey breast is your delicious savior.

Why hello, beauties! These s'mores blondies would be the hit of any dessert table and are crowd-friendly. Excuse us while we dream about this toasted marshmallow topping.

Just thinking about this cake makes us feel warm and cozy! Imagine this: ending dinner with a slice of vanilla spiced snack cake with a cup of coffee by the fire. You're welcome!

Shake up dessert with an amazing flan. Trust us - you'll be the talk of the entire party.

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