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5 Ways to Create Shareable Moments at Your Event

PR events are one of our favorite parts of the job and when done right, can have a huge impact on creating awareness for a client. For different brands we have had the opportunity to create unique experiences for bloggers, media and consumers that not only garner impressions, but allow us to build meaningful relationships.

Many of the events we organize are planned for specific bloggers or brand advocates who have a strong and loyal fan base of their own. Creating shareable moments for these attendees is a surefire way to extend your brand’s reach to the seemingly endless online community. When 81% of U.S. online consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts (Market Force) events are just as much about those who aren’t attending as those who are.

Here are 5 tried and true ways to spark a sharing frenzy at your next event:

1. Create a visual moment Whether shared through social media or featured in a blog post, photos and videos have the ability to tell your story from someone else’s unique perspective. For share worthy photos, try setting up a step and repeat banner, a photo booth with fun props, or creative vignettes featuring your product that will inspire guests to share your content in their own way. For video, cooking/product demos are always popular, or host a fun Q&A.

2. Secure influential event speakers People love to share quotes and facts, which are especially effective for increasing Twitter engagement. Influential speakers can be a great tool to provide educational, inspirational and even comedic talking points about your client. From someone such as your client’s CEO, a celebrity chef, or a top blogger, having a trusted spokesperson address the group is highly effective.

3. Provide exclusivity Can you provide a behind the scenes look at how your product is made or a first look at a product that hasn’t been released to the public? If so, share! One of the most shared photos at our recent #Blog2Farm summit was a shot of all 27 Tillamook ice cream flavors, only available at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Also, everyone loves swag. Allowing attendees to take something home that they can only get at your event will provide another element they can’t wait to share.

4. Don’t forget the hashtag Create one hashtag for your event and confirm Twitter handles for all participating brands and speakers. Have these handles and information prominently displayed to encourage attendees to join the conversation. The most discouraging thing is trying to hunt down someone’s Twitter or Instagram handle mid post. Make it easy for your guests.

5. Engage in real time Make sure to designate an employee to manage your brand’s social media accounts live from the event. Like, comment and re-tweet with fans in real time. On the flip side, regularly update your brand’s social media channels during the event and post things that attendees would likely re-tweet, #regram, or share on Facebook.

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