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Is Your Brand Ready For PR? Here’s How You Can Tell

Business is growing and you’re ready to kick things up a notch but how do you know when it’s time to invest in PR? We've got you!

The world of public relations be overwhelming when you're just jumping in, so we've put together a quick checklist that will serve as your guide to help you prepare your brand to make the most out of your PR partnership.

Strong Brand Assets The assets below will help establish you as a professional and leader in your industry. Having cohesive branding with strong social and imagery is essential, while a brand spokesperson will help you connect further with your audience and media. Here's what we suggest having locked in:

  • Cohesive website, branding & social

    • No major re-brand or changes upcoming

  • Social Presence

    • Consistency & community

    • A dedicated rep managing social

  • Imagery

    • On brand, high res product & lifestyle shots

    • Images that will pop in a story and on social

  • Brand spokesperson

New News What's happening for your brand? To be PR ready, it's important to have something newsworthy to share. Some examples of what this could look like include:

  • An upcoming brand moment

  • A product launch or line extension

  • A product innovation

  • An untold founder story

Distribution Where can consumers find or purchase your product? Distribution can help determine which outlets will cover your brand . Examples of types of distribution include:

  • Regional

  • National

  • Online purchase

Samples Samples hold so much power! How likely are you to share with your friends about how great something is after you've tried it for yourself? Exactly! Generosity goes a long way in getting your brand out there, so be ready to commit to sharing a branded experience for opportunities such as:

  • Media samples

  • Influencer samples

  • Social collaborations

  • Giveaways

  • Donation opportunities

  • Relationship Building

Have any more questions about how to prep your brand for working with a PR team? Pop them down below. If you are ready to hit go and partner with a PR team, we'd love to talk! Shoot us an email at


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