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Want to work in PR? Here Are 5 Tips From a Self-Taught Publicist

Are you looking to step into the world of PR and Influencer Marketing but are unsure if it's a fit because you don't have "experience"? Fear not, odds are that you do have the experience and can make your own way in the industry no matter what your background is. Sami here from team SPPR hopping in for a guest blog post! As someone who majored in design and art, I was super nervous after landing my first gig in PR because I didn't major in communications or have the experience. Turns out, my background allowed me to see the world of PR in a different way and thanks to some amazing learning experiences, I was able to quickly adapt and fall in love with the industry.

If you're in a similar position and just getting started in the industry or really want to break into the industry, I'm sharing five tips below to help you get over those nerves and start off strong!

1. Take Notes + Be a Sponge

When you're jumping into a new industry and soaking up a ton of new info, everything can be overwhelming. Start good habits early by taking notes and writing down key information. I still take vigorous notes to this day and soak up as much info as I can! Whenever I need to refer back to a project date or client notes, I know I have them written down.

2. Ask Questions

This goes for any new job without saying, but when I first started working in PR there were so many things I wasn't familiar with and I knew I needed to figure them out ASAP. If there was something I didn't understand, I would always ask a clarifying question and then turn to my trusty notes to write down what I learned. Since this is a communication field, asking questions for clarity is key.

3. Utilize your calendar

Calls, in-person meetings, and Zoom chats - oh my! There is a lot to keep up with, especially when working with several clients, so I learned early on that keeping an organized calendar is crucial. Whether it's in a work-dedicated planner or digital calendar, adding all of your events and reminders to your calendar = life-saving. You'll be thankful when reminders pop up for those tasks you may or may not have forgotten about.

4. Get Familiar with your Industry's Media Players

This is KEY! My first job in PR was for a luxury fashion firm that specialized in events in the Chicago and Orange County markets, so getting to know the key media, publications and socialites in both of those markets was vital. I took the time to research and read pieces by editors, follow key influencers on social and understand what moved the markets. Doing this for the industry your firm specializes in early on in your career will help you so much in the long run and is essential to building strong relationships.

5. Get Creative

With new trends and platforms emerging every day along with new channels for print, digital and broadcast, it's so important to be flexible and get creative. Don't be afraid to get scrappy and think outside the box to engage your clients with the media! If you have an idea, build it out and pitch it to your team to see if it would work for the clients - odds are you might see something that they might not have thought about yet and be onto something!

Do you have any other questions about making your way into the PR industry? Drop them below!


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