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5 Bilingual, Hispanic Influencers to Follow

By working with influencers, we have the privilege of interacting with many unique voices and endless forms of creative content. We love what we do! Ashley here (find me at @abhud) and today, we are highlighting Hispanic influencers that create content in both English and Spanish to represent their heritage and meaningfully connect with their multicultural audiences. As a Mexican-American myself with strong ties to my Hispanic roots, it is special to me to showcase the following women that take the time to make what they create accessible to their audience and a celebration of their culture. For any brands reading this, we always encourage you to consider the multicultural segment of your audience and add influencers to your campaign mix that can authentically connect with that audience.

Here is a list of 5 bilingual, Hispanic influencers to follow and add to your next campaign:

image via @yogaofcooking

@yogaofcooking A Venezuelan living in Los Angeles, Rosana features beautiful baking content with all types of classic American and Latin-inspired baked goods. She also started Food Media School, an online photography school teaching other content creators and aspiring food photographers how to hone their photography skills and build their businesses.

@jeannettekaplun Raised in Chile and based in South Florida, Jeannette is an award-winning parenting author, TV host, mom and blogger. She is the founder of Hispana Global, a lifestyle platform whose mission is to connect bicultural women and mothers with resources as it relates to family, fashion, travel, philanthropy and technology.

image via @devamadeo

@devamadeo From San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dev creates delicious everyday dessert recipes with stunning photos to match. She also hosts baking workshops in both English and Spanish and features engaging step-by-step videos on how to make her recipes.

@lasrecetasdelaura A Mexican living in Chicago, Laura specializes in healthy homemade food on her two different platforms, Las Recetas de Laura featuring all Spanish content and Spicy Latina Mom featuring all English content. She aims to teach women and moms to make delicious, healthy recipes without sacrificing flavor and nutritional value.

@piloncilloyvainilla A Mexican based in Texas, Alejandra develops vegan and plant-based recipes for her multicultural audience. Her goal is to inspire moms to get in the kitchen and cook tasty, healthy meals for their families.

If you have any additional bilingual, Hispanic influencers you’d like to celebrate or for us to consider in upcoming campaigns, feel free to send us an email: or connect with us on Instagram: @sodapoppr


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