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Celebrating National Cookie Exchange Day with an Epic Cookie Roundup

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Does anyone else think that cookies should be their own food group?! 🙋‍♀️

With #NationalCookieExchangeDay here, we're excited to share a roundup of some of our favorite holiday cookie recipes. Keep reading for festive treats that you can make and gift to your loved ones this season (or eat yourself - we won't tell).

We would have no problem at all receiving an entire box of these buttery chocolate beauties.

We've decided a great sugar cookie should never be left out of a cookie box.

Peppermint + chocolate = a winter match made to enjoy.

We love an unexpected cookie to lighten things up among all the holiday flavors. Who can say no to a margarita-flavored cookie?!

Because every cookie exchange needs a classic! Bonus: this recipe is vegan-friendly.

Made with eggnog, warming spices, and rum (optional) - these look like little treats of joy.

These sound SO good! We love a pecan praline moment.

The color on these are gorgeous and not to mention, the flavor combination sounds heavenly.

Brighten up your cookie box with these decadent fruit cookies.

Another classic with a twist! These darling gingerbread men sandwiches are filled with a lovely gingerbread buttercream.

All of Amisha's cookies look just too good to eat and these are no exception! We love the pairing of orange zest and cardamom to elevate the sugar cookie dough.

Are there are any other cookie recipes we might have missed? Drop them down in the comments below or send us your favorite on IG at @sodapoppr. Happy baking!

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