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DIY Disco Cactus

We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the holidays at Soda Pop PR! This time of year gives us the chance to get a little crafty and we’re all about easy DIY holiday gifts that pack a punch. Our team has grown so much this year, so we set out to make something that could grow right along with us (and also make a great gift!) Cacti and glitter become BFFs for this Disco Cacti DIY that will be growing on our desks all season long and is sure to make a great gift for someone on your list.


Start by spray-painting your terracotta pots outside in an area that gets good ventilation. If you’re short on time, you can go without spraying them or paint shapes on them by hand with craft store acrylic paint. Let them dry for about 2-3 hours in the sun.

While your pots are drying, give your cactus a generous spray of the adhesive and then liberally pour on glitter while you rotate the cactus. Don’t be afraid to mix and match glitter colors, too! TIP: Make sure you are creating in an area where you don’t mind glitter getting in a couple of nooks and crannies. We suggest putting down some kraft paper to protect your surface or pouring your glitter over the cactus over a trash bin.

Now comes the planting! Since our containers will be going indoors, we want to make sure to cover up the small hole on the bottom of the pots. We made an “X” shape out of masking tape to stick onto the hole– good to go!

Next, cover the bottom of the pot with a ½” layer of cactus soil. Using the tongs to avoid getting pricked by your glittery friend, transfer the cactus over to the terracotta pot and place it on top of your initial soil layer. If you don’t have tongs, you can use two forks or wear a pair of heavy-duty gloves to keep your fingers safe.

Use the plastic container your cactus was in to scoop in soil into the pot around the cactus. Then use the back of a fork to help pack in the soil and get into hard-to-read crevices. Your soil should be firm in the pot around your cactus and about 1/2” below the rim line of the pot.

Using a spoon, cover any visible soil with sand. We used pink and white sand to add a festive finishing touch!

You can customize your cacti to match any color combo and add gift tags with names to make them even more personal. Happy DIY-ing!

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