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10 Instagram Story Ideas to Level Up Your Social Game

It's safe to say that social media changes by the day and can get overwhelming, causing some creative burnout. Not to fear, we're here with ten Instagram story ideas that will help give your social strategy a little boost and shake up your creative game.

Keep reading for ten Instagram story ideas to upgrade your social strategy:

  1. Show your face and say hello on camera, especially if you haven't done this in awhile. Your followers want to know who is behind the brand or account they're following.

  2. Answer FAQ's and save them in a highlight. This makes info accessible to your audience and you can direct any followers to this highlight if they reach out with a question.

  3. Try an AMA or "Ask Me Anything" sticker. Let your audience get to know you better by giving them the chance to ask you anything.

  4. Host a poll and make it relevant. Try a seasonal "This or That" or use a recent event to get your audience's feedback. Make it fun!

  5. Ask for suggestions + feedback. Use the question sticker to ask about business, the industry, a product or social-media specific feedback. Use their answers to help your social strategy!

  6. Re-share your Reels. Highlight your videos that haven't been seen for awhile that offer value to your audience.

  7. Host a team stories takeover. Have your team take over your Instagram stories for a day or create a series out of it. Audiences love to get to know the team behind brands and companies.

  8. Utilize your links button to share blog posts or website content. Your website is a great tool since you own all of the content on it! Be sure to use your link button in stories to share the amount of great content you have there, too.

  9. Share UGC or tagged posts. Share a roundup of posts or content that you've been tagged in on your stories with supporting captions and stickers. Be sure to tag the owners of the post so they can re-share, too!

  10. Share a round-up of creators or posts in your niche. We love doing this! If there are accounts or creators out there that you want your audience to follow, give them a shoutout on stories. It's a great way to forge new connections, too.

Is there another idea we might have missed? If so, let us know in the comments below or shoot us a DM on Instagram @sodapoppr

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