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Brands: Late to the TikTok Game? Here are Some Foolproof Tips for Starting Your Channel

It’s hard to ignore the massive impact TikTok has had on social media marketing, with over 1 billion video views per day, 689 million active monthly users and engagement rates that can increase brand sales over 2,000% with one viral moment. It’s almost a no-brainer for a brand to activate on TikTok, but starting a new channel is an investment of time, creativity and a learning curve that many internal teams may not be able to manage.

So whether you’re a start-up or more traditional brand that has yet to buy their ticket to the TikTok train, the following are a few foolproof tips for getting started.

  • Don’t overthink it. Instead of overly-produced videos, keep content authentic to your brand voice and document behind-the-scenes, real moments that make your brand special. Also, with TikTok’s robust video editing tools, you can quickly and easily create different types of video content.

  • Stay timely and leverage challenges. Getting in on trending challenges is a sure bet to attract new followers as lots of eyes will be searching the hashtag or soundbite associated with the challenge providing more opportunity for your content to be discovered. For example, all you have to do is make feta pasta or find a way to incorporate #berriesandcream into your videos.

  • Once you have built a small base audience, explore influencer partnerships. Brands don’t need a big following to engage influencers on TikTok. Work with your internal team or PR agency to create campaigns around key cultural moments, to support new products and to partner with creators that represent the target audience you’re trying to reach. Here are some examples of bigger brands like Netflix, Dunkin, and Red Bull doing it right.

If you’re a brand that has gotten a hang of TikTok, we’d love to hear some of your tips too! Feel free to send us an email: or connect with us on Instagram: @sodapoppr

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