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6 Social Media Experts + Accounts to Follow on #NationalSocialMediaDay

Time to bring out your best #hashtags because it's National Social Media Day! Let's be real - social can be exciting and frustrating all at once, but we'll always love how the platforms connect us with so many others. 😉

If you're in need of some new social inspiration or tips on how to shake up your social strategy, check out and follow the accounts below for a dose of creativity.

Stephanie and her team offer an abundance of resources on The Social Media CEO to help others systemize and scale a profitable, work-from-anywhere social media management business. She always seems to be ahead of the trend curve and dishing out great content!

While Homemade Social is an agency, they provide a ton of value to their audience and are big advocates build building a better, healthy relationship with social media. They also have a bunch of great freebies on their website and a fun newsletter!

Planoly is also a great social media scheduling platform - you can plan out and schedule your entire IG feed, Pinterest and Twitter through their platform. Talk about a #gamechanger. In addition, their social profiles and blogs provide tons of educational value around the ever-changing social industry.

Laura is all about Instagram and if you're on the hunt to figure out how to simplify using the app for your service-based business, you'll definitely want to give her a follow.

Later is another amazing social scheduling platform that allows you to coordinate all of your profiles in one place. Similar to Planoly, their social profiles and blog provide great insight into the industry, social trends and even tutorials.

Meet Monique, who we also refer to as the "Queen of Reels" because she cultivated almost her entire following thanks to her smart, educational and just plain fun video content. If you need some creative inspiration, her profile is the one to follow!

We know the resources don't stop there. If you have a favorite social media expert or account that you follow, drop them below or shoot us a DM on Instagram.

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